Pancakes and Fish

Today we read “Pancakes Pancakes” and made a blueberry pancake with an L 🙂 This book is super cute and kept Lyla’s interest.


Here is our pancake, we didnt have any brown paper so this is what we ended up with 😉

This hardly took any time at all and since today is the first day we have done anything, besides go to the library, I figured we could do another book and craft.


Our second book was “How to hide an Octopus”. I thought it was neat but she kept saying ewww. Maybe better for a boy?!

Then we made a fish with tissue paper and a water bottle. She thought this was fun.


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Color Zoo and Farm

Friday we read “Color Zoo”, “Color Farm” and “Oodles of Animals” by Lois Ehlert. Lyla wasnt very impressed by the books… I think they would be better suited for a child still learning shapes and colors. She said she liked Color Zoo and Color Farm but they really didnt keep her interest.

For our craft we made little pigs t0 go along with the animal/farm theme.


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Watermelon and dirt

Today we read “Watermelon Day’ and “Eating the Alphabet”.

I LOVE Lois Ehlert books almost as much as Eric Carle. Ha Lyla wasnt very interested in the books today. She just wants to do the craft lately.


We made torn paper watermelons and ate some too 🙂


Lyla hasnt figured out how to use scissors yet. I need to figure out how I can help her?Any ideas?


We decided tearing the paper was easier.


Lyla wanted me to make a watermelon too.


I also made “Dirt” for Lyla to eat and she thought that was so much fun. We pretended it was “real” dirt 😉


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Lyla’s house

I woke up feeling super crummy today but we still did ‘school”. I am trying to make it a routine so I just pushed through sitting at the table even though all I wanted to do was lay down. Today we read “Mister Seahorse”

I love Eric Carle. His books are my favorite and his illustrations are so amazing.

We also read “Rainbow Fish 1,2,3” Abby loved this one.

The last book we read was ” A house for Hermit Crab”. More Eric Carle. Ha. Lyla enjoyed this one.

We tried to watch a DVD about Oceans but Lyla wasnt the least bit interested. I will keep trying though.

Our craft today was tied to the hermit crab story. We drew a house and Lyla looked through magazines and picked out what she wanted for her house. She had so much fun!


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Today we read “Lost at Sea” and “Can you hear the sea”. Lyla really liked Can you hear the sea.

We also watched Eyewitness Fish. The DVD was a little over her head but it was nice to watch something educational. Ha.

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Thumb print Hyacinth and My Garden

Today was kind of a mess, we were very unorganized and got started late. Such is life with three kids and a new puppy I suppose? Today we read “My Garden” by Kevin Henkes and it is a great book. This is one that I would love for our collection 🙂

After our story we made Thumb Print Hyacinth’s and they turned out great. This craft is quick and easy and doesnt require much for supplies. These would also be great for a Mother’s Day gift!




-Green marker

-Green felt


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Planting a rainbow and handprint tulips

Today we read “Planting a Rainbow” by Lois Ehlert. I absolutely adore her books, the illustrations are amazing. Lyla loves reading books about flowers and we pick which one are our favorites. She asked if we can plant a rainbow too. So cute. Here are our handprint tulips, Abby made a few too 🙂 These would be super cute for Mother’s Day.


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Apple stamps and From Seed to Plant Day 4

Yesterday we read “From seed to plant” and Lyla learned lots of fun new words like Stamen. Ha. We tried to do apple stamping with an apple cut in half but for some reason it didnt work for us? I was so bummed, the blog I found the idea on had pictures that turned out great. So no pictures or instructions today. Hopefully we have more luck today 🙂


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Summer Bucket List

I came across a Summer Bucket list that on a few blogs and thought it would be fun to create one of my own! Here is a list of things we hope to do before summer ends!

-Go to a waterpark

-Go to an amusement park

-Play mini golf

-Go on a picnic

-Go to a baseball game

-Invite friends over for Pj’s and pancakes

-Go see a movie

-Go to 5 new parks

-Go swimming

-Go camping

-Visit the Planetarium

-Visit the Children’s Museum

-Vacation Bible School

-Tie dye t-shirts

-Play at a splash park

-Make fizzing sidewalk chalk

Make edible sand

-Have family game night


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Day 2 and The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Today Lyla was very eager to start. We even had a friend join us! I bought some things to hang on the wall to help Lyla learn the days of the week and something to show us the weather, ABC’s and numbers. We are still working on the days of the week. She does great with recognizing the weather, letters and numbers. It is so exciting to see how much she already knows and also to see the things we need to work on. Here is the beginning of our “school area”.

Today we read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and made Balloon print caterpillars. We love this book and Lyla can recite most of it from memory. She read us the page about everything he ate 🙂

I thought these turned out so cute and they were fun to make!


-Red, yellow, green paint

-Balloon ( dont blow it up too big)

-Google eyes


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