Summer Bucket List

I came across a Summer Bucket list that on a few blogs and thought it would be fun to create one of my own! Here is a list of things we hope to do before summer ends!

-Go to a waterpark

-Go to an amusement park

-Play mini golf

-Go on a picnic

-Go to a baseball game

-Invite friends over for Pj’s and pancakes

-Go see a movie

-Go to 5 new parks

-Go swimming

-Go camping

-Visit the Planetarium

-Visit the Children’s Museum

-Vacation Bible School

-Tie dye t-shirts

-Play at a splash park

-Make fizzing sidewalk chalk

Make edible sand

-Have family game night



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3 responses to “Summer Bucket List

  1. Wendy

    Let me know when you do any of these things! Izzy and I would love to join you!! I have a very similar list!! I have a few parks near me that are “new”, and I have coupons for Six Flags. Would love to join in the pjs and pancakes! I also want to do a girls sleepover!

  2. Thanks for linking up to the party. I enjoyed your list! I hope you have a wonderful summer.

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