Lyla’s house

I woke up feeling super crummy today but we still did ‘school”. I am trying to make it a routine so I just pushed through sitting at the table even though all I wanted to do was lay down. Today we read “Mister Seahorse”

I love Eric Carle. His books are my favorite and his illustrations are so amazing.

We also read “Rainbow Fish 1,2,3” Abby loved this one.

The last book we read was ” A house for Hermit Crab”. More Eric Carle. Ha. Lyla enjoyed this one.

We tried to watch a DVD about Oceans but Lyla wasnt the least bit interested. I will keep trying though.

Our craft today was tied to the hermit crab story. We drew a house and Lyla looked through magazines and picked out what she wanted for her house. She had so much fun!



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2 responses to “Lyla’s house

  1. Kayla Kingsley

    The pineapple clock cracks me up, so cute 🙂

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